The first topic we have to blog about for our management class is TEAM BUILDING. The first thing this chapter clarified was the difference between a team and a committee and how that even though a group of people are given the title of team they are effectively a committee because of their behaviour. This chapter gave a step by step guide on how to set up a team and how to make it sustainable and productive. While reading this chapter it continually made me think of my own experience working as part of a team. Although I have mixed experiences working with teams what the authors put forward made sense and was logical but it is not always followed by some people in management. Especially the section on communication, the authors outline that  “Effective communication-speaking, writing, and listening-is the glue of successful team functionality” this is the most logical part of team work but my previous team leader was missing some of these skills and it made a stressful work environment even more difficult and less successful (P.356). However, this also highlights the authors call for proper training and resources for a team and management in order for it to be successful.

I thought this reading was very useful as it laid out all the steps managers need to take when making and maintaining a team. It also supported some of the other readings I have done in this area, all of which have maintained that a team work or collaborative environment is more productive than the traditional model of management. However, I think this text is lacking detailed case studies of both successful and unsuccessful team situations. The example it does give on P.356 is very vague and doesn’t really add much value to the text. I have just started this MA programme but I think this chapter and some other materials we had to study for other modules have helped prepare me for the numerous teamwork projects I will be part of for the coming year.


Chapter 14 –

Management Basics for Information Professionals: Third Edition (2013) by G. Edward Evans &

Camila A. Alire; Facet Publishing, UK.


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