For this week’s post I am reviewing the UCD Applied Social Science Libguide. This was my first time to use a libguide and to be honest when I first clicked on it I wasn’t sure I was in the right place. For some reason, I thought a libguide must be like a manual you get with all your new flat pack furniture and electrical appliances. When I had finally figured out I was looking at the libguide, I was really impressed with the comprehensive coverage.

I think more should be done to promote the departmental libguides as they are an excellent source for new students. As you can see from the picture they have a tab to cover any possible resource a student studying applied social studies might need as well as video tutorials to improve their academic skills. I found the whole guide very informative and useful for my studies at UCD especially the link for ‘our tutorials and guides’. These tutorials are invaluable to students of any discipline at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The libguide was well laid out and is regularly updated, it also has links to both the library and department of Applied Social Science Twitter newsfeeds. I think the best feature of this guide is that it is clearly laid out. On each tab there is just basic need to know information and they also use a good mix of media types.

This is an excellent resource but if I was given the task to add to it, I would probably create a space on the home page for a journal of the month. A link on the home page would increase the number of users for that resource and make it less intimidating for first time users to access. Blogging is also a tool used by many academics and practitioners, so it would be useful to have a link to some blogs related to applied social science.



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