This weeks readings are based on articles about evidence based research (EBR), even if they don’t carry out the research themselves, many librarians use this method in the workplace and it is called evidence based practice (EBP). In this blog post I will focus on the article by Eldredge, this was primarily a literature review of published and unpublished works in this field. This article was very useful as I wasn’t familiar with EBR, the article outlined where this methodology derived from and how it is implemented in the workplace. I think this article is pretty straightforward as easy enough for a new comer to the field to understand but I think it would be even easier to follow if it had some models like the picture above were used at the beginning of the text. The author does give an example of when librarians used EBR in reviewing its collection but I think it would be better if they included another example. This article extends on what I have already read however, I would have to do more reading on this subject to be confident in my ability to use this management methodology. Overall, I found this subject interesting and would like to explore this subject in more depth in the future.

Eldredge, J. (2006). Evidence-based librarianship: The EBL process. Library Hi Tech, 24(3), 341-354. doi:10.1108/07378830610692118


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