Thing 6 – Reflective Practice


Reflections in Pisa, Italy

I’m a big fan of reflective practice and even though I have been using it a lot for professional purposes I still find it difficult to do especially when its in a public space like a blog. 

Its  September and I’m only on Thing 6 but this has been one of my favourite challenges so far. I’ve had a really busy summer and wasn’t able to start going through the things until recently so I was feeling a bit stressed about being so far behind. However, when I looked at a few other blogs I realised that I’m not the only one and a few people have just done thing 1 so far. This made me realise that its ok not to stress about keeping up and that I can work at my own pace.

Another thing some people mentioned in Thing 6 was that some blogs were really impressive and had features that I couldn’t find. When I first started blogging about Rudaí things it was useful to see what other people had written but more importantly it helped me to gauge how long my blog posts should be and what kind of information to include.

Best of luck everyone 🙂


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