Thing 11 – Reflective Practice

20151020_184334_Richtone(HDR) (2)

Reflections from the Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

I haven’t been doing a very good job at keeping on top of all the Rudai 23 Things as life always gets in the way. When the course started back in July I was halfway through the final requirement for the Masters in Library and Information Studies at UCD and working full time. I finally got started with Thing 1 at the end of August and have been doing chunks here and there. However, life is starting to slow down a bit so over the next two weeks I’ve made a plan to focus on Rudai 23 and finish everything by the end of next week.

I looked over all the tasks and made notes in my diary as to which tasks I will tackle. Some days I put in more than one task to complete so that will be a busy day. Even though I am new to the LIS profession I attended a lot of professional development events while working as a teacher. Thus most of the upcoming tasks will take less time to complete than the previous more techie tasks.

I am doing the course alone, I know a few others doing it but because I was going at my own pace I haven’t been able to follow their progress. I’m sure most people are closer to the end than I am at this stage, the only advice I can give is to go at your own pace. If you try to keep up with everyone else but don’t have much free time then you will just get stressed out and not get the full benefit of the course.  Thing 9 probably took me the longest amount of time to complete as it was my first time to make a video for CPD but thing 10 and 11 were easier so I took a break for a while from it and started to write drafts for those posts. When I was happy with the video I published all the draft posts I had been working on. I found making a plan in my diary for the rest of the tasks really helped me to keep track of what I have to do and made the prospect of completing the final tasks more realistic.

Good luck to anyone still catching up 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thing 11 – Reflective Practice

  1. I’m still catching up and I am behind you. As you said life, work and study can make getting through things like this more difficult, but like you I’m working through them at my own pace!


  2. Thanks for reflecting that a thing worth doing is worth taking your time over!
    We have enough stress in our working lives & I wanted to work smarter by using the tools to complete Rudai 23 in my own time.


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