Thing 14 – Augmented Reality


As Niamh pointed out on the Thing 14 blog post, like most people I thought augmented reality sounds cool but I didn’t really know what it was or how it could be relevant to libraries. This blog post was really informative and really helped to change my perspective on the benefits of using an augmented reality app. Currently I don’t work with clients so I just reviewed the different links suggested on the Rudai 23 blog. I also searched Google images for this posting and most of the results came from articles outlining the benefits for the marketing places on the street and for retail chains, particularly supermarkets. I haven’t downloaded any apps for my phone yet as I’m running out of storage memory but I think its something that everyone will be using shortly to navigate their way through streets or supermarket aisles. Thus, I’m not suprised that libraries are starting to apply it to their regular services.

Image from here.