Thing 16 – Collaboration Tools


Collaboration is an important element of any project and lots of different apps have been created to make it easier. I have just completed a Masters in Library and Information Studies (MLIS). Most courses require students to complete a research project in the form of a thesis as the final requirement of the course, however in UCD they require students to complete a group project called a Capstone. The purpose of the Capstone is to work in a team to solve a real world information need. I worked with a group of six people from all over Ireland. We used Google Drive for sharing documents, Skype for conference calls and sharing screens while creating files, Facebook for sharing files and updates in a secret group and Doodle for scheduling meetings. Using these collaboration tools made the communication and work flow process so much easier to manage and contributed to the success of the project.

As a group we only used Doodle once or twice but it is an excellent app that allows you to quickly poll what the best day and time is the most suitable for group members to attend a meeting.

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