Thing 19 – The Legal Side of Things


The task for Thing 19 was to become more familiar with copyright restrictions and how they apply to libraries. Prior to studying the MLIS I worked as an English language teacher and infringed on all copyright restrictions related to images on a daily basis when developing materials for my lessons. This was pretty standard practice for most educators. However, last year there was a significant change to the copyright laws to include exceptions for non-commercial educational purposes. I read some articles about this around the time it was announced so I was pretty confident in my understanding of these exceptions but completing this task showed me that my understanding was a bit ropy and that I still had more to learn. I came across a really good article on the Copyright User website that outlined clearly how the exceptions for educational purposes can be applied.


A good solution if you are not sure which images to use is to search for images with a creative commons license. Thing 19 demonstrates the benefits and usability of the creative commons license.

Image one sourced from here.

Image two sourced from here.