Thing 3 – My Professional Brand


I’ve finally joined Linkedin! For months I’ve been told how important this social media site is for job hunting I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up. From a usability point of view it is a little awkward for me but that’s probably because it’s new and I just have to get used to it.  My profile still needs a bit of work but hopefully this will help improve my job hunting prospects. Feel free to leave any tips on how to use it effectively to find LIS jobs, you can view my profile from here:

I searched my name on Google using the Incognito mode and was surprised how many people in Ireland were called Helena Byrne as I have only met a handful of people over the years who shared the same first name as me let alone a family name as well. One such person is a musician who has recently released an album so most of the Google hits relate to her online profiles. However, I was surprised to see when you searched my name in Google Images a photo of me related to a local newspaper article that was published in 2008 is the first result. As a school student I had my photo published in the local and national newspapers a number of times so I don’t know why this photo is the only one that Google picks up on. Further down the results page I found one other group photo from a project I’m involved in and a poster I posted from my Twitter account from the last twelve months. Although the whole purpose of Rudaí 23 is to raise your online profile, I’m quite happy that there isn’t too much information about me easily accessible online.

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