Thing 7 – Podcasts


The task for this challenge was to try creating a recording and uploading it to your SoundCloud account. Then embed it into your blog post. and/or Listen to one of the podcasts mentioned in this article.

Podcasts are really useful educational tools but at this current point in time they aren’t relevant to my current position so I chose to focus on reviewing some of the podcasts recommend on this challenge.

It’s been a few weeks since I completed Thing 6, in between then and now there has been a number new library related podcasts launched on line. The first podcast that I listened to was called Libraryland Podcast. This podcast was set up by a group librarians in the US/Canada and focuses on a number of library related issues in each episode. In each episode they discuss two different topics, I found the discussions both informative and practical, I picked up some useful tips. The tips about social media were particularly useful as everything that we do needs to be promoted online and these tips will be useful for some of the projects I’m working on. Each episode is divided into two segments, the only criticism I would have is that both segments are uploaded in one file and average at just over 1 hour long which makes it difficult to follow from start to finish. If each episode segment was uploaded individually it would be easier to follow and dip in and out of while working.

I’m looking forward to the next episode , you can follow Libraryland Podcast on Twitter @LibraryLandPod and listen to their podcasts here:

The second podcast was produced by the Academic & Special Libraries section of the Library Association of Ireland (LAI). They have only published one episode so far but it was excellent. Their podcast focused on influential people in the Irish LIS community and interviewed Jane Burns for the first episode. The podcast was over an hour in length which made it a little difficult to listen to from start to finish. I think it would have been more effective if they divided the recording into individual sections based on themes from the interview.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode, you can follow the Academic & Special Libraries section of the LAI on Twitter @ASLIBRARIES and listen to their podcasts here:!librarians-aloud-podcast/cj6y

The third podcast I listened to was called Beyond The Stacks which documents LIS professionals from the US and Canada career paths. These podcasts were relitively short compared to the other ones I listened to, around 30 minutes but this made it easier to listen to while working and will definitely tune into the next episode.

You can tune in to their podcasts here:

These three LIS podcasts are really useful for keeping up to date with current LIS issues so I will incorporate them into my routine.

One podcast that was recommended on the Rudai 23 Thing 7 recommendations was Serial. Although not related to LIS it is an excellent example of how to make a podcast and I am hooked to their 2014 story. It’s  “a 12 part thriller based on true events which was one of the most listened to podcasts in 2014” (Thing 7). Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to listen to this because you will be hooked too.

You can tune in from here:

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