Thing 10 – Live Streaming


Its nearly the end of October and I finally made it to Thing 10. As this task was posted in August I missed the live Hangout-On-Air that some Rudai 23 participants took part in. However, I did watch the YouTube video that was posted later.

Live streaming is an excellent way to share events with a wider network of people. I know that many conferences are live streamed but I haven’t been able to watch any these streams as I was either working or at another event.

Being a live stream viewer is very different from watching a video of an event as there is no editing. You can see everyone and everything that happens in front of the camera. The first live streamed event I tuned into was the winter solstice at Newgrange, Co. Meath in 2011. At the time I was living in South Korea so I had just finished work for the day when RTE started the live stream of the sunrise. This is a big event, even though only a lucky few are allowed inside the chamber on this morning large crowds gather outside the tomb. Even though I live near here and visited the site many times I had never been there during the winter solstice so it was kind of exciting. The strangest thing about this stream was that you could hear what people were talking about. Even though I was sitting in my office in South Korea I could hear people I know talking about how they were getting home but they had no idea that I was looking in. I felt like a fly on the wall, it was a strange feeling.

The next time I organise an event I will definitely explore the option of live streaming it as it is an excellent way to reach a wider audience.

Image from here.