Thing 9 – Video


In Thing 9 we were tasked with making a video of at least two minutes. Videos are an excellent learning tool and a great way to promote any event, place or group. However, at first I found this task very daunting as I wasn’t sure what topic I would choose for the video and I wasn’t so keen on recording my voice. However the Rudai 23 blog post was very clear and concise. I chose to use the Screencast-o-matic app for this task.

I finally decided to make a video to promote a LIS blog that I co-manage. I used a slide show that I developed on Google slides and then downloaded it to my desktop. I then went searching for music to play in the background that had no copyright restrictions and came across a great website called Purple-Planet. When I had everything ready I recorded my PPT presentation using Screencast-o-matic. I had to do it a few times as I was pressing play on my chosen music, then presentation mode on the PPT and then the record button. As I was using the free version of Screencast it only records the speakers and not the actual computer sound so the audio quality on the final video wasn’t bad but not really what I wanted. I recorded the video again with no sound and uploaded it to Youtube. This was really easy.

When I uploaded my video to Youtube there were lots of editing tools, I could use from a wide range of copyright free music. The only issue I had was that I couldn’t add the MP3 music file I had chosen to go with the video. It took me a long time to work around this as I was also having some tech problems and had to change laptop to finish the project. In the end I imported the video and MP3 file into Windows Movie Maker and edited it slightly. This was really easy to do and the sound quality of the video is now much better than my original recording.

Even though I was dreading this task at the start I really enjoyed doing it and would have no problems making a second video. If I was doing this again I would upload a dummy video to Youtube and go through the different types of music they have available. I find it much easier to plan what way I like to lay out my content on a video when I know what tempo the music accompanying it is.

Image from here.