Thing 5 – Online Networks


This weeks post is about online networks such as Facebook and Twitter. I first joined Facebook in 2008 but didn’t use it so much until I moved abroad in 2010. Life abroad would have been more difficult without Facebook as it was a great way to keep in touch with home and friends in other places. One useful thing was the Facebook groups that were set up for foreigners living in a particular city. The first group I joined had useful information about where to get certain products from home but they also had a lot of stupid things like questions about where to buy ice cubes which are available in every corner store as well as someone trying to sell a second hand toilet brush.

I just joined Twitter a few months ago even though I heard of the professional development benefits a long time ago. I finally took the steps to set up an account the morning of the launch the Abbey Ballroom Indoor Football: An Oral History Exhibition in order to promote the event using the hash tag #AbbeyBallroom. At first I found it kind of difficult to use and I’m still getting used to expressing all I want to say in 140 characters during Twitter chats but it has opened up whole wide network of information and people. I highly recommend everyone to join Twitter but I still need to do more work on my profile.