Thing 12 – Attending Conferences


The most recent event I attended was the Publishing and Peer Reviewing Workshop at Maynooth University Library On Thursday 29th October. The workshop was delivered by the publishing company Taylor and Francis but organised by Deputy Librarian Helen Fallon.

In order to attend the event I had to get permission from my employer and send an email to the organiser a few weeks in advance to register for the event but it was free.
This was a great networking opportunity as I met lots of people at different stages of their LIS career. All those that attended are interested in publishing journal articles, this was a good way to network with other professionals who might be interested in collaborating on future projects.

My record keeping for this event was not so detailed, I mostly listened and took a few notes. I don’t remember everything the speakers said but I got some great takeaways that I will put into practice. You shouldn’t put yourself under pressure to remember everything its impossible. Try and focus on a least one takeaway point from the workshop/presentation you attended and put it into action.

This was a busy week for me so if I was going again I would have packed my bag the night before and included a note book. As well as being better organised with transport and know exactly what time the train leaves at. All the little stresses you have before you attend an event can effect your concentration and ability to enjoy the experience.

Here are some key points I got out of this workshop:

Never be afraid to admit you need help from the editor, they are there to support you.

Always find the journal you want to be published in and write your paper to suit their style and subject matter.

Always read backdated issues of articles from the journal you want to write for. Follow the same style and make sure your subject mater is relevant to them.

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