Thing 8 – Curator Tools


I decided to use Storify for this task. I chose this over the other apps because it seems to be used more widely by the groups I follow on social media and figured it must be easy to use. Even though for some reason I have a Flipboard app on my phone that I can’t get rid of, I’ve never used it and can’t see myself using it in the near future.

I signed up for the free version of Storify using a Twitter account and it was really easy to navigate. The only problems I had was that I was trying to curate a Twitter chat from almost three months ago so I couldn’t use the hashtag to find the tweets. It did however still have the tweets from just less than 2 months ago. Moral of this story is don’t leave it two long before you curate an event on Storify. One workaround you can use to try and remedy this is search each person who was involved in the chat and import their tweets related to the discussion topic. However this is very time consuming and not ideal. Also you may not know everyone who was involved in the chat, but you can at least start with one person you know and then look at who they were tagging in the chat.

I think this is an excellent tool for libraries to use as they all have a social media presence. It’s a really good way to curate the interactions the library the library has had with its clients during a special event hosted in the library. At the moment these tools aren’t useful for my current position but I co-manage a library related blog and related social media sites so it is very useful for curating all the live Twitter chats we have had.

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