Thing 22 – Mobile Things


The task for Thing 22 is to review mobile apps that might be useful in the library world. The one they recommend reviewing is Gum but unfortunately it is not available for Android devices. The only apps that I use on a regular basis that might be some what useful for collaboration in the workplace that hasn’t been mentioned so far is Whatsap or Viber.

For a long time I used Whatsap for sending text messages and Viber for making phone calls, but a few months ago Whatsap added a call feature so I probably use that app more often. Peoples views on social media vary, if someone has a smart phone they might have preference for Facebook over Twitter or vice versa making it difficult to find a common social media platform to communicate on while working on a project. A solution to this is using an instant messaging app like Whatsapp or Viber to communicate during the project as they don’t require as much personal information in order to sign up.

Image from here.