Thing 17 – Reflective Practice


Reflections in November on the River Boyne, Ireland.

As I mentioned in Thing 6 I’m a big fan of reflective practice and I find using Gibbs Reflective Cycle the most useful out of all the models that have been developed. I originally set up this blog to complete a component of one of my MLIS modules and in my very first welcome post I outlined my past experience with reflecting.

The LIS sector is a dynamic field which is why reflecting on what we do and why we do is essential to maintain personal and professional development in order to provide a better service to the clients. In my last position I developed lots of new skills working on a project that I had very little experience on. Because I learn’t a lot of new skills quickly its hard to remember all the steps I took to complete  the task. However, after taking a break from the project for a few days it was like starting all over again and it would take me a bit longer to get into the swing of the project. I finished this project two weeks ago and even though I said I was going to write up the steps involved in the project I haven’t done it yet. I will do it but by letting so much time go before reflecting on the project it will make the task more difficult. As it was pointed out in the Thing 17 post, like most people I learn by doing and In my personal case oral reflection works best for me but there are sometimes when you just have to write it down for it to really sink in.


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